Land Use Development

This toolkit outlines the standards and procedures to be followed when planning land use development on or near Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline rights-of-way.

The handbook is intended for use by city and county planners, engineers, developers, land surveyors and anyone involved in the initial stages of land development. If Southern Star is included in the initial planning stages, project delays can be avoided and safe development practices in the vicinity of pipelines can be attained.

The toolkit is designed to make you aware of the most common standards and procedures Southern Star typically requires to protect its facilities in areas of changing land use. However, each proposed development or activity requires a case-specific evaluation by a qualified Southern Star representative. Again, the sooner you involve Southern Star in your project, the better.

Land Use Development and Right-Of-Way Handbook (pdf)

Right of Way Clearing & Vegetation Management (pdf)
Land Contacts (pdf)
Standard Width of Right-Of-Way (pdf)
Timber Bridge Pg. 1 (pdf)
Timber Bridge Pg. 2 (pdf)
Overhead Power Lines (pdf)
Underground Power & Fiber Optic (pdf)
Foreign Pipeline Crossing (pdf)
Underground Phone and Cable (pdf)
Standard Road Crossing (pdf)
Special Road Crossing (pdf)
Bored Utility Crossing (pdf)
Underground Electric & Fiber Optic Crossings (pdf)