Pipeline Safety

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Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline is a natural gas transmission company, which means our pipelines transport natural gas from one location to another. According to National Transportation and Safety Board statistics, pipelines are the safest and most efficient means of transporting natural gas and petroleum products.

In the United States alone, there are more than 300,000 miles of natural gas transmission pipelines in use every day – Southern Star’s system includes about 6,000 miles. Transmission pipelines are typically larger than gathering and distribution lines. They transport energy products across the country and to storage facilities. Compressor stations and pumping stations are located along transmission and gathering pipeline routes and help push energy products through the line.

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How do you know where a pipeline is located? Do you know how to recognize a pipeline leak? What should you do if find a leak or witness pipeline damage? How dangerous are gas pipelines, anyway, and is it really important to call before you dig? You’ll find answers to all these questions on these pages, so take a look at the links to the left to become more educated about gas pipelines.

If you have any other questions, you can call Southern Star’s Public Awareness Department at
1-888-885-6008 or e-mail us at PublicAwareness@sscgp.com.